Jan 122011

We wanted to continue our Street Soccer rules with a 5 side game.  The biggest difference is the addition of a goal keeper.  Lets face it, it isn’t the same without one…

For the 5-a-side, we have two significant rule changes.  The first is obviously the goal keeper.  The keeper must be limited in their use to keep the game fair.  We also included a hockey style “pulling the keeper” rule to help a struggling team put in an all out attack.

Five-a-Side Street Soccer – Laws of the Game

Failing a specific variation below, all FIFA Futsal rules will be enforced

  • Court Size:
    • Minimum Size – basketball or tennis court
    • Recommended Size – two basketball or tennis courts side by side; tape should be used to enforce lines and mark the center; this is required if the courts have a gap between them
  • Time:
    • 20 minute half
    • 5 minute half-time
  • Goal:
    • Futsal style goals – 7′ x 10′ (2m x 3m)
    • Recommended – inflatable or modular/portable goals
    • As a safety measure, we recommend that the goals be weighted with a 22 lbs (10 kilo) sandbag, but never anchored
    • 11′ x 6′ goal box
  • Goal Keeper
    • Goal keeper must throw, roll or pass the ball out
    • The ball must be touched by another player on the same team before crossing midfield
  • 5 Second Rule (Optional):
    • Basketball style restriction preventing any player from standing inside the arch for more than five seconds
    • Players violating the rule must take a lap around the court before re-entering
    • Play continues while the offending player runs
    • We recommend this rule only when a team “pulls the goal keeper”
  • Off-sides Rule:
    • No more than three players on the offensive side of the court
    • No shots are allowed from the defensive side of the field
    • Pulling the Goal keeper (Optional)
      • We have always liked the hockey idea of pulling the goal keeper; this allows the attacking team an extra player in the attacking end; however it leaves the goal open
      • We recommend implementing the 5 second rule to ensure the attacking team does not replace the goal keeper with a defensive player
  • Restarts:
    • All restarts are from the ground
    • Restarts from the defensive side of the court must be passed to another player on the defensive side
  • Substitutions:
    • A field player may be substituted at any time (except where the Powerplay rule applies)
    • Goal keepers may only be substituted at a stoppage
    • The departing player must leave the court before the arriving player can enter
    • All players must enter from the defensive end
  • Powerplay rule (Optional):
    • A ball that is kicked far out of bounds must be retrieved by the player that kicked it
    • The opposing team may restart the game immediately and take advantage of the missing player
    • The retrieving player cannot be substituted
    • The player may re-enter to the game as soon as the ball is returned

Did we miss a rule?  Are you ready to start a league?  Tell us what you think and get out and play.

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The Coach is a long-time soccer player, coach and fan. He started playing in the dark ages (1970's) and will continue as long as his body will let him. He has coached players from u-7 to adult and players learning the game to players trying to make their national team. He is a dedicated fan of the Oranje.

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