Pele-Sports, a brand that brings the passion of one of the games greatest players of all time, and AVID Soccer are proud to honor the passion of players.  This year, Spencer stands out for his dedication and growing passion.  Read his story below.

I have always enjoyed playing soccer. I would try and round up a group of friends and have games going before I would practice for my other sports, and after I would still find some time to play a quick skirmish with a few teammates. I brought a soccer ball to school many times, and would stand in a circle with others and just practice juggling all my free time in high school.

My passion grew with each time I played, and all the games I would attend for my school team. Finally, I left home for a short period of time, and went to live in Mexico.

I was immediately immersed and awed by the how much the culture adored soccer. I quickly grew to love it even more, and dedicated all my extra time when I wasn’t working to playing what they called futbol in the streets.  The young children seemed to play better than I could! I became a fanatic at learning how to do all the tricks that they could do, and trying to play as well as them.

AVID Player Award 2011 Winner

AVID Player 2011 Presented by Pele-Sports

Through time, I participated in a small adult league with other fellow coworkers. We were not nearly as good as some of the other teams, but we dedicated our energy and passion to help us be driven and have success. We found spare time to play quick games when there wasn’t work, and we would always stop to learn something new from all the barefooted children that ran around the streets in Mexico.

One weekend, we decided to give back to the small community that had given us so much of their soccer knowledge. Putting together all our time and talents, we organized, funded, and participated in a small cup that we made up for all the children around the town. We had quite a bi turn out, and were able to put together quite an event. We reffed the games, and watched all the young kids play hard, with the adults cheering them all on.

After, adults gave us all a jersey with the first letter of our titles, and our last names printed on the back. We graciously accepted, and everyone told us they were forever indebted for the games that we had shared. We knew that they had given so much to us, and we could only pay back a small amount of the energy and passion they had shown us for the game.

Always after, I participated in the neighborhood games, but there are no cheering crowds, no referees screaming fouls, or trophies for the winning team. There is only you, a small group of friends, a field, and a shared passion that drives you to do something together, and unites you out on the field of soccer. Always will we be driven by our passion to play our next greatest game, wherever we are.

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The Coach is a long-time soccer player, coach and fan. He started playing in the dark ages (1970's) and will continue as long as his body will let him. He has coached players from u-7 to adult and players learning the game to players trying to make their national team. He is a dedicated fan of the Oranje.

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