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Special Programs

FA Soccer Star Certification

The FA Soccer Star program is a benchmark test of individual skills used by the English National Training Program for player evaluation.  It is recommended for players between U9 - U16.  The minimum program group is 6 players of similar age and ability.  A team program can be developed with the coach and all results are available to the coach.  Cost of the program is $45/player for the 2 hr x 4 week program, player evaluation and certificate of completion.

The FA (English Football Association) has announced a special program for children.  The program measures skills and speed in several categories.  AVID Soccer will be using the FA designed program of testing and training.  Participants that complete the program may qualify for an official certificate from the FA (to be mailed upon certification). 

The program consists of six individual tests.  Participants will have a pre-test, three weeks of training, homework and a final exam.  The results of the exam are sent to the FA and the scores will be returned later.

The certification consists of:

  • Running with the ball
  • Turning
  • Speed
  • Dribbling
  • Heading
  • Shooting

The program can be tailored to boys and/or girls in any 3-4 year range (e.g. U12-U16) from U-6 through U-16.  The cost for the four week session is $45 (plus $20 if the participant wants an England T-Shirt - only Adult sizes are available).  The session will be limited to the first 12 players wishing to participate.  Depending on demand, the program may be offered again at a later date.

NOTE:  The trainer has completed the FA program for this certification and the FA will store the results.  However, AVID Soccer does not have any other direct relationship with the FA.

Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) Certification

The SWAT Certification is a program designed by AVID Soccer to improve individual ball control, soccer intelligence and group play.  The program incorporates Dutch training methods, situational walk-throughs, white board discussions and small sided games.  The minimum program group is 10 players.  Cost of the program is $65/player for the 2 hr x 4 week program, t-shirt, player evaluation and certificate of completion.

The program is intended for ages U-13 and up.  Player should have at least one year of club play or have started on their school team.  The program is most effective when all of the players are on the same team.

The Certification consists of:

  • Dribbling to beat an opponent
  • Passing technique
  • Soccer vision and decision making
  • Creating space
  • Support
  • Set plays

Soccer Speed and strength Training (SST) Certification

The SST program is intended for individual players looking for significant improvement in fitness, flexibility and speed.  The program employs a number of methods and devices used to build soccer specific speed and strength.  This program involves significant homework, so parental involvement may be required.  Certification is earned when the player reaches a predetermined level of improvement (usually 10% overall rating).  Cost of the program is $25/hour


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