Defining Success in Coaching

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Mar 242011

 How do you define success in coaching?  You could ask a hundred coaches and no doubt get a thousand answers. Each one of us is unique.  We have different targets, expectations and players to work with.  The higher the level, the greater the pressure.  Criticism is not uncommon.

As a coach, I have experienced many highs over the last few years.  It has brought me a full-time career with satisfaction, knowledge and prestige.  Success, in soccer terms, is so personal and it can be achieved in a variety of ways. 

I will discuss my own current feelings on success in coaching.  They are largely based on self reflection and maturation.  I’ve come to the feeling that’s it’s not about money, points, or status.  As a coach, I am a teacher and role model to the players in my team.  I take great pride and an active responsibility in what I do.  I believe in being accountable – My professional credibility should be tested.  Otherwise, how can I progress?

AVID Soccer News: Youth Coaching Session

Youth Coaching Session

I set very high standards each day. Yesterday has gone, I shouldn’t be judged on reputation.  I feel success can only be gained:

  • When well prepared and organize my sessions, both on and off the pitch
  • The presentation and progression is meets the goals of the team and the session
  • Feedback and interaction from the team is active
  • Their development and learning should be a my motivation

I really believe that my success as a coach centers on helping the players I work with.  I want to provide improvement in a focused, disciplined and enjoyable environment.  There should be respect, but not fear, between us all.  Everyone wants to be at practice.

Measuring success is just as important. I know I’m doing things right when fellow coaches and peers show a positive interest in my work and theories.  Recognition and appreciation from players parents is also huge. This is one of my big discoveries since moving to Southern California.  Ultimately I am youth team soccer coach.  I shouldn’t be rated or assessed on winning matches.

There is a far bigger picture that requires patience and trust.  My main aim is therefore to guide players to reach the next level with better confidence, talent and attitude.  Then I will know I have been successful as a coach.

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